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In Namche on the way up the valley

Namche Bazaar in the snow

This is just a brief update as I thought I should make the most of the Ncell 3G network in Namche before I head into internet-free terrain. I arrived in Namche on Saturday afternoon after… (Read More)

Back in my colourful life

Makalu seen from Makalu base camp

I have been back in Kathmandu for exactly one week now and I literally have not had time to stop and realise that I am actually back in my colourful life in Nepal. As I… (Read More)

The weather gods must live in Rome

Ale, Chrissie and I in the line to get our bib

I made it. And I made it in good time, or at least in a time that I was pleased with ( everything in life is relative)! I finished in 04.05.03 and even though I… (Read More)

Off to Rome – and a huge Thank You!

Early morning at the river Aare on one of my training runs

In just a few hours, I will leave the office and head to Rome, but before I take off I would like to send a huge Thank You into cyberspace for all these generous donations…. (Read More)

Kili, Rome and back to Kathmandu

Long time, no write. I have just noticed that I have not updated my blog since I came back from the North Ridge of Ama Dablam in November last year, but I guess that even… (Read More)

Back in Kathmandu – and off again

Bhawan, Namita, I, Jeevan and Suban with Miss Hawley at her birthday

Apologies for the late last post about Ama Dablam but as you can imagine, life in Kathmandu has been rather hectic with Miss Hawley’s 90th birthday on 9th November and all the (unsuccessful) teams coming… (Read More)

North Ridge offers thrills without topping out

Just got back from climbing up to 6,200m on the North Ridge of Ama Dablam. It was an amazing climb and even though we knew that we were not going to go for the summit,… (Read More)

There is no expedition without water


Life is full of surprises and so is an expedition to a relatively new route with a base camp that hadn’t been used for a long time. On Wednesday evening, just as we were packing… (Read More)

A ‘short’ coffee outing in Pheriche


We have now arrived in Pheriche, the place at 4,300m where I stayed for about 5 days in the spring recovering from my altitude sickness. I have to say that it feels great to be… (Read More)

Namche Bazaar

This is just a very quick hello from Namche Bazaar, where we arrived this morning. I am amazed by how ‘high-tech’ the Sherpa capital has become with wireless internet being available almost everywhere. I am… (Read More)

Rains, Records and Rambling

After a few days of heavy rain, the festival of Dashain and another amazing speed record that was set by the Swiss climber Ueli Steck, it is now time for me to head off to… (Read More)

Avalanches, Ama Dablam and Anniversaries

Towering above the Khumbu - Ama Dablam!

I have been back from Berlin for just over one week, which has been very busy with interviewing expeditions for Miss Hawley and the Himalayan Database. Most teams have come safe and sound back from… (Read More)

Thank you, Berlin!


Last weekend, I had the pleasure to take part in the 40th edition of the Berlin Marathon, which was an amazing event. The Germans certainly know how to party and first of all I would… (Read More)

Kathmandu Marathon – ‘It’s like running with a cigarette in your mouth’

Running in the dust

Last Saturday, my friend Richard and I were brave enough to enter the Kathmandu marathon, or rather the half marathon as doing the full distance in this mad traffic would have been suicidal. After the… (Read More)

Silently striding through Kathmandu’s strike

Not a car in sight on the otherwise extremely busy road

It’s all a matter of timing; if you get it right, you can actually enjoy a jog on the Ring Road. When I woke up at 5 o’clock this morning, I noticed that something was… (Read More)

Challenging Marathon Training

This is what running can be like near Kathmandu if you get out

Just when I thought the monsoon rains had stopped, they have come back with a vengeance, which makes my marathon training a bit more challenging. Even though jogging in the green hills surrounding the Kathmandu… (Read More)

Summer in Germany – Post-Monsoon in Kathmandu

Sticking my head into the Sibelius monument in Helsinki.

I was just about to write that the monsoon in Kathmandu was on its final leg, when I noticed that my last entry was about the looming monsoon! Maybe I should just stop writing about… (Read More)

Monsoon is looming

Suze and I are obviously up to something while Miss Hawley is posing

I have been back in Kathmandu for just over two weeks and life in the mountains seems far away. The change from tranquillity and clean air of the Everest region to the dust and hustle… (Read More)

Recovering after Nuptse


I am lying in my sleeping bag and my body is aching all over. I am tired. It has been four days since I came back to base camp from Nuptse. Other than being part… (Read More)

Hardworking Sherpas


I am sitting in my tent reflecting on what has been quite an eventful morning. First of all I would like to talk about our Sherpas, four of which fixed the rope to Nuptse to… (Read More)

At Camp 2

This is just another quick update to let you know that the Nuptse team has been at Camp 2 at 6,400m for the past three days to acclimatise and maybe make use of a weather… (Read More)


This is just a quick update from Gorak Shep, where I have just dropped down from Base Camp to do some emailing. I have completely recovered and I am now back at the Himex camp… (Read More)

Thank you

This is just a very quick message to thank all of you for all your lovely and encouraging messages, which mean a lot to me. And they have helped. I am feeling a lot better,… (Read More)

Lesson Learnt

billi bierling nuptse

I am sitting in the Himalayan Hotel in Pheriche – even though I should be either at Everest Base Camp or on my way up Lobuje East. Well, I guess I am having to pay… (Read More)

Quick Update from Gorak Shep

billi bierling basecamp puja

After having been at Everest base camp for four days, I’m on my way down to Lobuje to get a bit more oxygen and climb Lobuje East to acclimatise for further climbing. Everyone seemed to… (Read More)

The easy way up

everest billi beirling

This is just a quick update to let you know that I left the smog and heat of Kathmandu behind and have arrived in the Everest region. I have had an unusually fast trip as… (Read More)

Getting ready for the mountains

An amazing man - Yuichiro Miura on his way to becoming the oldest person to climb Everest.

It’s Easter and even though there are no Easter bunnies or eggs in Kathmandu, I feel like I am on an Easter egg hunt trying to catch the dozens of expeditions going to the various… (Read More)