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Himalaya spring season kicking off

A beautiful winter's day in Garmisch in January.

The time of year has come and mountaineers, Everest aspirants, trekkers, clients as well as expedition leaders, mountain guides and Sherpas are getting ready to hit the big hills of Nepal and Tibet for the spring… (Read More)

Impressions from Iran


Here are just a few impressions from our wonderful trip to Iran. They should just show the diversity and cultural richness of this country and its people and give you an idea of what we… (Read More)

Mountains in my heart

Gerlinde's book in English

Dear all After just having been to Iran with my friend Gerlinde, I remembered that I never informed you about the English translation I did for the book she wrote together with Karin Steinbach called “Mountains in my… (Read More)

Thank you Iran

Experiencing the desert with great friends

Sadly, our time in Iran is coming to an end and the kindness and generosity of the people is certainly reflected in the size and weight of our bags. “I think we have just packed around… (Read More)

Incredible Iran

Great atmosphere during an amazing event

“Your presentations have changed our lives,” Ms Laleh told Gerlinde and me after having done our slide shows at the Koohbanoo exhibition in Iran. “It has been such a pleasure to have you here and we are all very… (Read More)

Belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

The Garmisch-P. mountains in the mist before the snow came on Christmas Day

I seem to have written the word ‘apologies’ rather often lately but I have just noticed that I have not posted anything since I first got to Islamabad in early October this year. So there you… (Read More)

Early morning runs in Islamabad

6.30am on my run through Jinnah Park in the middle of Islamabad

It may sound strange to someone, who has never been to Pakistan, but it feels great to be back in Islamabad, where I have lived on and off previously. And even though I have only been… (Read More)

Off to Islamabad

Time has flown since we left Shisha Pangma ABC exactly one week ago, and I cannot believe I am already en route to Islamabad, where I will be working for the Swiss Humanitarian Aid for one… (Read More)

Shishapangma avalanche, Billi safe

Robot: You may have heard or seen news of an avalanche on Shishapangma on 24 September, which very sadly took several young lives. Billi just reported briefly from Zhangmu as she returns to Kathmandu, possibly… (Read More)

Shishapangma update 22nd September

Suzanne, Billi und Christof im Eisbruch

Back at ABC For a more detailed report in German, please visit three windy nights on the mountain, we are back at the comfortable altitude of 5,700m at our ABC, which feels great. I don’t… (Read More)

Shishapangma 17th September

billi bierling shishapangma kobler

We just got back from C1 at 6,400m. Even though Sisha Pangma is considered one of the easiest 8,000m peaks the distances are very long. Compared to Makalu, where a trip to crampon point (the… (Read More)

Shishapangma update: all fine

billi bierling shishapangma kobler

Robot: Lots of snow and drifting snow on Shishapangma which is making climbing high difficult for everybody. It needs patience. The team including Billi have been staying at Camp 1, and depending on conditions will… (Read More)

Stuck in Tingri

We are actually supposed to be at Shisha Pangma BC already but Sergey’s gear did not arrive yesterday as scheduled. I guess this is the beauty about travelling in these countries as nothing ever goes… (Read More)

Whistle stop tour through Tibet

After our Air China plane had hobbled along the pothole-ridden runway of Kathmandu Tribuvhan airport, I was glad to be airborne and embark on my next adventure. I was travelling with Sergey Baranov from Russia,… (Read More)

Tibet is calling

Not only humans worship Boudha Stupa.

After only 10 days back in Kathmandu I am in the process of packing again for Shisha Pangma – the 14th highest peak in the world, which is entirely situated in Tibet. It reaches out… (Read More)

Different worlds

Many Syrian women, who have lost their husbands or their sons are grateful to Abou Hassan and Nofa (Samer Rawadi)

I have been wanting to update my site for a long time, however, work and travels have prevented me from doing so and now I am already back in Kathmandu helping Miss Elizabeth Hawley and… (Read More)

A huge ‘Thank You’ from Just-One

The Just-One kids shouting a big Thank You out to you

I have just paid a visit to Just-One, the organisation you so kindly supported through my Rome marathon, and the kids there all shouted a very big ‘THANK YOU’ for your help. Declan and I… (Read More)

20th May update

All good here…getting warmer and less windy by the day and we are looking at going to the summit around 25 or 26 May…meaning that we will leave ABC either on 21 or 22nd May…. (Read More)

17th May update from Makalu

A short update via Billi’s friend Elke: “Back at ABC, due to strong winds, waiting for another weather window”. Billi’s Twitter updates via her satelite phone are now on the homepage:

11th May Makalu update

Climbing from C1 to C2

Hello All, A small update to say that I am fine, 11th day at ABC but winds are promising to abate around 16th May – which could be a possible summit window. Life at ABC… (Read More)

May 7th Update from Makalu

We are still at ABC, enjoying the sun in the morning and the warmth of the sleeping bag in the afternoon as it usually snows after 2pm. The team is good but getting a bit… (Read More)

At camp 2 on Makalu

Hi all, This is Billi’s Robot. Billi just called from her satphone from camp 2 (6400m). She says all is well. The Sherpa team are fixing ropes to camp 3 now (7400m). If all goes… (Read More)

In Namche on the way up the valley

Namche Bazaar in the snow

This is just a brief update as I thought I should make the most of the Ncell 3G network in Namche before I head into internet-free terrain. I arrived in Namche on Saturday afternoon after… (Read More)

Back in my colourful life

Makalu seen from Makalu base camp

I have been back in Kathmandu for exactly one week now and I literally have not had time to stop and realise that I am actually back in my colourful life in Nepal. As I… (Read More)

The weather gods must live in Rome

Ale, Chrissie and I in the line to get our bib

I made it. And I made it in good time, or at least in a time that I was pleased with ( everything in life is relative)! I finished in 04.05.03 and even though I… (Read More)

Off to Rome – and a huge Thank You!

Early morning at the river Aare on one of my training runs

In just a few hours, I will leave the office and head to Rome, but before I take off I would like to send a huge Thank You into cyberspace for all these generous donations…. (Read More)

Kili, Rome and back to Kathmandu

Long time, no write. I have just noticed that I have not updated my blog since I came back from the North Ridge of Ama Dablam in November last year, but I guess that even… (Read More)

Back in Kathmandu – and off again

Bhawan, Namita, I, Jeevan and Suban with Miss Hawley at her birthday

Apologies for the late last post about Ama Dablam but as you can imagine, life in Kathmandu has been rather hectic with Miss Hawley’s 90th birthday on 9th November and all the (unsuccessful) teams coming… (Read More)

North Ridge offers thrills without topping out

Just got back from climbing up to 6,200m on the North Ridge of Ama Dablam. It was an amazing climb and even though we knew that we were not going to go for the summit,… (Read More)